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Jan - mar 2019

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HR and side hustles: should we rethink employment contracts

HRM Online (FEB 2019) - Kate Neilson

If a worker’s side business isn’t in direct competition with their full-time job and isn’t operated during work hours, it might actually add value to an employer.


HR, Time To Embrace The Freelance Revolution: Your Career Depends On It

Forbes (feb 2019) - jon younger

HR, it’s time to embrace the freelance revolution.  Freelancing isn’t new, but the rapid, global, growth of freelancing is new.  The tech that enables freelancing is new and, together with remote work and flexibility trends, its changing the way we build a workforce and manage talent.  HR has never been more important, but only if it plays a larger and more strategic role in embracing the freelance revolution. Here’s why.


Decoding the top jobs for 2019


The skills shortage is not what you think it is. Most of the conversations around the skills gap focus on niche technical skills and roles - software engineers, data scientists, designers and similar jobs. While these hard skills and positions get all the attention, the real skills gap might surprise you.

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How Ready Is Your Organization For The Freelance Revolution?


How ready is your organization for the freelance revolution? Last year, in a keynote at Beyond HR, a global HR executive conference in Amsterdam, I asked 250 HR leaders to assess their organization’s readiness for agile talent. Only 25% described their organization as well-prepared for the unique organizational challenges of building and leading a blended workforce. Participants acknowledged that being late to this party was increasingly problematic, and that agile talent was a future critical competitive advantage.

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Ten trends that will shape HR in 2019


HR executives and teams across many industries have common challenges to face in 2019. Below, we've recapped what real HR practitioners and industry observers seeing on the horizon.

Oct - Dec 2018