We move HR departments from a lack of capacity, lack of specific expertise and time pressured projects...

...to delivering remarkable results, being in control and making the highest profile impact within their business.

We work right alongside you

‘with and within’ your organisation

Contingents are available for discreet projects, ongoing advice and involvement or to fill a gap for a short term need. However you need supported, we will take you through our 3-step progress plan.

1) We work out what matters most

Even within a single project there are often numerous priorities. We work with you to identify what make the biggest impact, so you are both getting and delivering the highest ROI.

2) We get you moving

We know that speed is not just a priority, it sets you apart within your business and at the executive table. We focus on making rapid progress that moves you from ambition to demonstrable achievement.

3) We leave lasting change

As an HR leader, you know that real success is creating a lasting impact on your organisation the lives of your people. We leave you with positive change that you can continue enjoy long after a project is over.


How we work

What areas of HR do you specialise in?

Broadly we cover all areas of HR except deeply quantitative workforce analytics. You can see the full list of expertise by team member here.

What if we need additional expertise?

Please get in contact. We have numerous Contingent Partners - organisations that offer complementary skillsets and who we can arrange to work with you.

I need a mix of skills, do I need to commit to one particular Contingent?

Absolutely not - you can choose to use one or multiple contingents for as long or short as you need.

What is the minimum engagement term?

There is no minimum engagement term for Contingents. You may use services on an hourly or daily basis or for longer term projects.

How do you work with our organisation?

We work with and within your organisation, bringing the benefits of consulting expertise combined with in house reliability and closeness of relationship. We call this "arms linked" not "arms length".


About the Contingents

What level of seniority are Contingents?

At this time our Contingents are senior professionals (typically senior subject matter experts or Head of Function level) with at least 10 years experience.

Do you have anyone at more junior levels?

If you are looking for junior or mid-level assistance, please get in contact, we often have access to more junior staff who can be provided to assist as appropriate.

Where are Contingents based?

Currently our Contingents are based in Sydney and Queensland, however all are available nationally subject to other clients and travel commitments. You can see the home location of each expert in their individual profile here.

Will you be adding more experts to the team?

Yes, we are always looking for top-tier professionals to join our team of contingents. If you are interested in becoming a part of Contingent, please get in touch here.


Benefits & characteristics of Contingents

What are the benefits of contingent workers?

There are many benefits of using contingents over traditional resourcing models - see just some of those benefits here.

Are Contingents appropriate for time pressured projects?

Absolutely. Contingents are there to get a job done quickly and efficiently. They are not tenured employees and are highly focussed on delivering specific outcomes. This means Contingents often deliver much faster than traditional resourcing models including longer term hires or internal moves.

Are Contingents value for money?

Contingent represent exceptional value for money. You can access top-tier experts for as long or short as needed, with no commitment to headcount or on-costs. As independent consultants, their hourly and day rates are significantly less than major consulting houses.